The New Signalman Publishing WordPress Website

Orlando area based web development company DiSalvo Technologies, LLC, announces the launch of the new Signalman Publishing WordPress Website at

“We were looking for a way to easily add and edit books and page content on our website, ” says John McClure, founder of Signalman Publishing. For two years Signalman Publishing updated their basic website manually. The book and title content was all there but the site needed a modern template, a blog, and the administrative tools for a non-programmer to be able to easily update multiple parts of the site. The site also needed a way to publish news articles and press releases.

Wordpress Admin Tools

Wordpress Admin Tools

“WordPress offers blog software and top notch javascript admin tools for free,” says John DiSalvo, founder of DiSalvo Technologies, LLC. “Using PHP we link the WordPress blog and admin tools with the customer’s website,” added DiSalvo.

DiSalvo Technologies uses a 3 step process to design and build modern dynamic websites:

1. Pick out a Template. Websites like and provide modern website theme designs at a very inexpensive price. The themes include all the HTML, CSS, images, and blog elements needed to build a complete website. DiSalvo Technologies uses PHP along with a basic MVC structure to build dynamic websites. Page parts are separated into areas that include the header, footer, application top, content, and navigation. Parts are included on each page to avoid repetition of code. Parts are updated in one location and the changes take place across the whole site.

2. Install WordPress. brags that their install only takes 5 minutes. They’re not kidding. Simply create a new empty MySQL database on your webserver, download and unzip the WordPress files into your website blog directory, and run their quick install wizard.

Custom PHP WordPress Integration

Custom PHP Integration

3. Link WordPress to the Website. By including a WordPress header on website pages, it is easy to add widgets that display dynamic content. Dynamic widgets include recent news, tag cloud, categories and the archive. It’s also possible to write custom MySQL queries that search by specific categories in the WordPress database. Using PHP these custom queries allow for dynamic post and page content anywhere on the website. As a final touch, the CSS theme from the website is added to the WordPress site. WordPress makes it easy to duplicate the standard theme and modify all the standard pages so the CSS matches the rest of your site.

“Using this creative three step process we are able to provide inexpensive yet very complicated dynamic websites with premium administrative tools,” says DiSalvo. “Charging customers to build administrative tools is not always necessary when storing simple page and article content,” concluded DiSalvo.

About DiSalvo Technologies
DiSalvo Technologies, LLC is an Orlando area based information technology company specializing in iPhone/iPad App development, mobile website development, database development, website design, hosting, and a wide range of technical support.
Contact: John DiSalvo, 407-497-4075

About Signalman Publishing
A unit of Kissimmee, Florida-based Signalman Enterprises, LLC, Signalman Publishing is an electronic book publisher with a mission to bring classics of non-fiction literature to the Kindle reader through the portal.
Contact: Urmila McClure, 407-343-4853

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