Key Points from Apple’s Latest Keynote

Thinking about creating an iPhone or iPad app? Or buying a new laptop computer? There’s a lot of hype this year about Android device sales. The media is spreading a lot of false propaganda regarding Android taking over the mobile device industry. Let’s cut through the lies.

One of the most important stats when it comes to monetizing apps: iOS has a 74% share of the app revenue industry.  Android only has a 20% share.
App Revenue

The adoption rate for the latest version of iOS (iOS 6) is at 93%.
Installed Base

Comparison of iOS adoption rates to Android adoption rates.  The largest adoption rate on the Android side is an operating system that was released in 2010.
Installed Base

The adoption rate for Apple’s latest mobile operating system is 93% as compared with the latest Android operating system at 33%.
Installed Base

The iPad has an 82% market share compared with all other tablets.
Total Web Market Share

Smartphone users are using the iPhone 50% more than the Android devices.
Smartphone Usage

Apple iOS users are more satisfied than Window Phone, Android, and Blackberry device users.

iOS has a 60% market share for all mobile devices.
Mobile Market Share

2012 Black Friday mobile shopping users used the iPad the most at 10%.
Black Friday Mobile

Over the past 6 months the adoption rate for the latest OSX release is 35% compared with Windows latest release at 5%.
OSX Adoption Rate

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