FireFox for Mac OS Sqlite Plugin Extension Problem

We’ve been using the SQLite Manger plugin for FireFox for a while now with no problems.  The FireFox SQLite Manger is an awesome way to create, build, and edit sqlite databases for iPhone and iPad applications.

Current configuration:
MacBook Pro 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Mac OSX  10.6.8
FireFox 5.0.1
SQLite Manger Plugin 0.7.5

This week we had a problem opening sqlite files.  We browsed to open sqlite databases through SQLite Manager and the files were grayed out.

We looked through the SQLite Manager project page and we could see other Mac users having the same problem (  So what changed?

Well, if you select the sqlite database files and look at the get info (Command i) we noticed that the file extensions were wrong.  Changing the visible extension name was only changing the file name, not the file extension. We created the files with .sql not .sqlite so the extensions were wrong.  Changing the visible file name to [filename].sqlite did not help.

The solution was to change the file name in the Get Info window Name and Extension field. When updating the extension correctly in the Get Info window you get an alert that confirms the correct extension is being selected.

Now we can once again open our sqlite database files with the FireFox SQLite Manger plugin.

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