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FireFox for Mac OS Sqlite Plugin Extension Problem

We’ve been using the SQLite Manger plugin for FireFox for a while now with no problems.  The FireFox SQLite Manger is an awesome way to create, build, and edit sqlite databases for iPhone and iPad applications. Current configuration: MacBook Pro … Continue reading

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iPhone SDK Programming Tip – Backticks

There’s a long list of reserved words when using SQLite: A good rule of thumb is to always use backticks (“) around database table and column names to avoid reserved keyword errors when running SQLite queries. Below is some … Continue reading

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Joomla Main Menu fix for version 1.5.32

We upgraded a few client Joomla sites to version 1.5.32 and the Main Menu entries disappeared from the admin area.  We looked through a bunch of web posts that detailed different ways of solving the problem.  Some recommended replacing the … Continue reading

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